Powerful AI at your fingertips.

Our pricing is structured as a simple pay-as-you-go per request. For a limited time, new accounts get $5 in credits.

Deus Code

$0.35 / request

A conversational engine for assisting with many software related tasks


  • Open-ended conversations about code

  • Code explanation / summarization

  • Question answering

  • Documentation builder

  • Test generation

  • Code bug fixing and enhancement

  • Conversational program synthesis (coming soon)

Deus General (coming soon)

$0.04 / request

A general-purpose engine for dialogue, language generation, code generation, translation and more. Our base Deus model will be our cutting-edge model for all future releases.


  • Open-ended language generation

  • Code generation

  • Open-domain dialogue / chat

  • Question answering (in context and open domain)

  • Instruction to task

  • Translation

  • Summarization

  • Search